Seabirds and islands of the Bismarck Sea

Trip code: BIS002
Expedition Rating: Adventure Travel
Leaving: 10 Apr 2020 Starts: Rabaul
Returning: 20 Apr 2020 Ends: Rabaul

Birding, Swimming , Cetacean watching

In 2017 a Beck’s Petrel was captured at sea and fitted with a satellite tracker to uncover the movements of this enigmatic species both at sea and on land. Christened “Pato” after the local name for Beck’s Petrel, this bird delivered a wealth of information as it travelled between feeding, breeding and wintering areas. On this trip we will be following Pato to ocean hotspots where he spent most time to study population numbers and behaviour at sea. The national and international scientists on board will be gathering information to update the Species Action Plan for the Critically Endangered Beck’s Petrel. We will be following in the tracks of the Whitney South Seas Exploring Expedition, the original discoverers of Beck’s Petrel in 1928, and revisiting some of the remote islands they surveyed to assess the current status of birds and other wildlife. The time at sea will be an opportunity to gather records of seabirds and cetaceans in this under-explored region. As well as Beck’s Petrel we will be searching for Fiji Petrels, Heinroth’s Shearwaters and any marine mammals to add to the national database of cetacean observations.


$2500.00 USDpp
$2500.00 USDpp
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includes accommodation / meals and opportunity to join International Team of Researchers

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Proposed expedition leader: Rodney Russ
Visas required: Papua New Guinea

Requirements may vary depending on what passport you are travelling with. It is your responsibility to check to ensure you are compliant.

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