The Russian Far East Coast

Trip code: SOV007
Expedition Rating: Explorer Travel
Leaving: 06 Jul 2019 Starts: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia
Returning: 22 Jul 2019 Ends: Nome, USA

Hiking, Birding, Photography, Botany, Cultural, History, Cetacean watching

Look at a map of the North Pacific and you will see that western sector is dominated by Russia. It is arguably one of the lesser known coastlines of anywhere in the world. Look closer and you will see (if you map is of good quality) there are very few settlements marked among the numerous bays, inlets, and fiords as it is one of the least populated regions of the world. The first Europeans to explore this area arrived overland from the Moscow region in the mid 1600’s. They met indigenous people, the Itelmen, Koryaks, the Kereks,  the Chukchis and the Inuit. These early explorers claimed the land for Russia, conquered the people and began exploiting the regions natural resources. 

As the Cold War enveloped the world this area took on a strategic importance for Russia, it was their border with America. Military personnel soon outnumbered locals. To protect their secrets Russia closed the region to all but authorised people. 

It is only within the last 20 years that permissions have been granted for non-authorised people to visit here. It is still considered a Frontier Zone and a special permit is required. 

We have been fortunate to visit here many times over the last decade. It is without doubt and without fear of contradiction one of the most exciting cruising destinations left anywhere in the world. We are captivated by its beauty, fascinated by its history and people, blown away by the landscapes and amazed at its wonderful wildlife.  Unfortunately, on previous visits we had timetables and schedules to keep, there has never been enough time to simply take it all in. We doubt that there will be enough time on this expedition either but intend to take our time to both understand and appreciate this little known part of the world. We plan to explore some of the many estuaries along the coast, visit some of the small settlements, climb some of the mountains, navigate some of the lakes and lagoons and traverse some of the many valleys and fiords. 




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Proposed expedition leader: Rodney Russ
Visas required: Russian, USA

Requirements may vary depending on what passport you are travelling with. It is your responsibility to check to ensure you are compliant.

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