The New Siberian Islands

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Leaving: 12 Aug 2019 Starts: Nome, USA
Returning: 12 Sep 2019 Ends: Nome, USA

Hiking, Birding, Photography, Botany, Cultural, History, Cetacean watching

In 2017 I led an expedition that completed the first double transit of the NE Passage or Northern Sea Route by an expedition ship.  Both expeditions were incredibly successful in more ways than we could have imagined. But it left me dissatisfied wanting more, I simple can’t get enough of the high  Arctic.  I am drawn to it, I have given up trying to describe or define what it is that is so compelling about the Arctic. It is everything, the landscape, the natural history, the human history, the isolation and the vastness. 

I hope this expedition will both fill in some gaps in my knowledge and help satisfy my craving and longing for the high Arctic. We will be following in the wake of some earlier expeditions, two in particular the voyage of the Karluk  ( 1913-16 ) and the voyage of the Jeanette ( 1879 - 81). Despite both of these expeditions ending in disaster they left behind a legacy of new and exciting knowledge, they filled in blanks on the existing maps of the day describing and naming new islands as well as wildlife.  It is that legacy of exploration that we want to go in search of on this expedition.    

We will depart Nome, as many of the early Arctic explorers did. Politics of today demands that we must go to Providenyia (known as Plover Bay in the early 1900’s) to officially clear into Russia. From there we will follow coastline north and through the Bering Strait making landings as we go.  Once through the Bering Strait we will follow the northern coast of Chukotka westward as least as far as Kolyuchin Island before setting a course towards the New Siberian Islands. The prevailing ice conditions will determine our course. 

The New Siberian Islands are divided geographically into the Northern (or Delong) group, the central group and the southern group.  Three of the five islands in the Delong or Northern group were discovered and named by the Jeanette Expedition. Recent changes in ice conditions in the Arctic means that they are more accessible than they have ever been before, still very few people have ever been there. If ice and weather conditions permit we hope to land on all the Islands before dropping south to the central group of Islands where we hope to get permission to make a number of landings. The construction of a new military base here means that access to parts of this central group or Anzhu Islands is restricted. Our final stop in the New Siberian Islands will be in the southern or Lyakhovsky group. From there we plan to travel to Wrangel Island via the Medvezhyi or Bear Islands. After a number of landings on Wrangel Island we will return to Nome stopping first in Providenyia to complete outward formalities.  

We plan to apply for permits to make as many landings as possible in Chukotka and on the New Siberian, Bear and Wrangel Islands.  



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