Islands and People of the Bering Sea

Trip code: SOV009
Expedition Rating: Explorer Travel
Leaving: 25 Jul 2019 Starts: Nome, USA
Returning: 07 Aug 2019 Ends: Nome, USA

Hiking, Birding, Photography, Botany, Cultural, Cetacean watching

Your view and understanding of the Bering Sea is probably distorted by the imagery and stories you have seen on “The World’s Deadliest Catch” or perhaps “Bering Sea Gold”.   But beyond these stories which are embellished for these reality TV shows, there are other more incredible true stories. It is a story of a land bridge connecting two great continents and a unique flora and fauna that developed here and survived as sea levels began to rise some 11,000   years ago. It is a story of peopling of the Americas as nomadic people moved from Asia across the land bridge into North America and beyond. It is a story of later migrations of people settling on the shores and islands of this great sea and learning how to survive in one of the harshest environments on earth. It is a story of excesses in exploiting the natural resources of the region.  It is a story of exploration, a gateway to the Arctic and many thought possibly the North Pole.  It is a story of people and families both divided and evicted from their homes by politics. Finally, it is a story about cutting edge science, it is after all both the inlet and the outlet (one of only two) to the Arctic Ocean which is undergoing significant change as the planet warms.  

We have been fascinated by this region for many years. We have crossed the Bering Strait numerous times. We have attended a number of traditional festivals and concerts in the region and we have followed with interest the current research programs. Yet there are gaps in our knowledge which we intend to plug on this expedition. We plan to visit the Islands of Nunivak, St Matthew, St Lawrence, King and Little Diomede.  Where there are locals we will met with them, listen to their stories of the past and their dreams for the future. We plan to walk across the tundra landscapes and where possible climb to vantage points  to soak in the views and take in the beauty of the plants and the wildlife. 



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