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In 1770 Capt James Cook anguished over whether Stewart Island was actually an island or a peninsula.   Finally, he decided it was the later and marked it on his chart accordingly. He was wrong, one of the very few times he was wrong.  We know it is an Island, but how much do we know about it? Our Stewart Island journeys set out to discover as much as we can about the birds, plants and people of this remarkable Island which the Maoris called Rakiura - land of the glowing skies. 


The Stewart Island Ferry or airline can take you to Oban in Halfmoon Bay and there you can join a day excursion around Paterson Inlet or the more adventurous might head off on a tramp. But Stewart Island stretchers for another 40 miles to the south and west of Oban. There are no roads and only a few poorly marked trails, suitable for the super fit. The only practical way to visit these remote and beautiful areas that include places like Port Adventure, Lords River, Port Pegasus and Broad Bay is by boat.  Stewart Island lies in the roaring forties latitude where the weather and the sea conditions can sometimes be challenging, but it is not a reason not to go because there are numerous sheltered anchorages.  There are a multitude or walks (from the very easy to very demanding) to enjoy and miles of coastline to explore. There is the pre European history to understand, the whalers and sealers to learn about and the audacity of the tin miners who thought they could make their fortunes here to comprehend.  The natural history is equally compelling and fascinating, kiwis can be seen wandering during the day and sea birds are numerous. 


At Strannik Ocean Voyages we have an extensive knowledge of the region. In 1976 I led the team that rediscovered Kakapo on the eastern slopes of the Tin Range. That expedition led to lifelong interest in the area and its history and natural history and I have spent months exploring the region by foot and by boat. Recently we built the perfect vessel to share this part of New Zealand with the inquisitive traveller.   Surveyed for unrestricted worldwide cruising MV Strannik is both comfortable and safe and with just 8 guests and a crew of 4 you will enjoy unlimited and uncrowded opportunities both on board and on shore. 


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Stewart Islands:  9 days including Patterson Inlet, Port Adventure, Lords River and Port Pegasus. 

Extreme Travel

Includes overnight (possibly multi day) hikes with steeper ascents and descents often along unmarked trails. Participants must be familiar with the use of GPS and have appropriate equipment (see relevant Expedition Notes/Equipment Lists for details). Camping out in tents/huts is included and participants will be expected to backpack own personal gear and a share of party food and equipment. Expedition could include difficult zodiac travel/landings and/or travel by off road vehicles over rough terrain.

Adventure Travel

Includes day hikes along marked and unmarked trails with some steeper ascents and descents. Must be capable of carrying day pack with lunch and waterproof clothing. Could include difficult zodiac travel/landings and/or travel by off road vehicles over rough terrain.

Explorer Travel

Includes easier half day beach/village and/or guided bush walks. Easier zodiac landings and if applicable comfortable local transport.

Please note it is mandatory to have Medical Insurance including evacuation and repatriation for all of our voyages/expeditions.

Stewart Island – Kayaking Expedition

13 Dec 2022 - 22 Dec 2022

This expedition allows you to explore the eastern coast of Stewart Island. Paddle where few others have had the opportunity, explore picturesque Port Adventure, drift down the Lords River. Then spend several days paddling, exploring and marvelling at the beauty and the remoteness of Port Pegasus.  This is Kayaking at its ...

Stewart Island Expedition

17 Feb 2023 - 25 Feb 2023

Known as the land of the glowing skies and an Island with outstanding opportunities for adventure and wildlife.  Please note: we do not publish a day to day itinerary, except for first and the last days because these are expeditions rather than tours.  Day 1:  Joining the Expedition.  You will ...