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Abel Tasman and the Marlborough Sounds. 

Three great explorers are immortalised in this part of our great country. The journals, log books and experiences of Abel Tasman 1642 , Capt. James Cook 1770, 1773, 1774 and 1777,  Be Dumont d’Urville 1826 give us rare insights into this part of New Zealand at this particular time in New Zealand history.  Other explorers like the Russian explorer Bellinghausen who visited Queen Charlotte Sound in 1820 add further detail.

Today the area is well developed and most of it is readily accessible by road (albeit a lot of them winding, narrow and steep). A lot of the land is in private ownership sometimes making access difficult, the remainder is in reserve or national park and is popular with holiday makers especially over the summer months.    

I was the fifth generation born on a family farm in Nelson and this part of the world has enthralled and fascinated me since my youth. I tramped, I sailed and explored much of the area and then as a Wildlife Officer with the Dept. of Internal Affairs (now DoC) I worked on numerous conservation projects in this area. It holds a special place in my heart. 

I appreciate that it is possible to explore much of the area by road, but there is something special (perhaps even romantic) about exploring it by boat.  Cruising the coastline and going ashore by day and waking up in a different, quiet and sheltered anchorage each day.

I invite you to join me on my expedition yacht MV Strannik on a special pilgrimage through this area focusing on the exploration, exploitation and conservation of the area. Check out details of this special expedition which is limited to just eight guests.  

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Abel Tasman and the Marlborough Sounds.  9 days from Nelson to Picton. 


Extreme Travel

Includes overnight (possibly multi day) hikes with steeper ascents and descents often along unmarked trails. Participants must be familiar with the use of GPS and have appropriate equipment (see relevant Expedition Notes/Equipment Lists for details). Camping out in tents/huts is included and participants will be expected to backpack own personal gear and a share of party food and equipment. Expedition could include difficult zodiac travel/landings and/or travel by off road vehicles over rough terrain.

Adventure Travel

Includes day hikes along marked and unmarked trails with some steeper ascents and descents. Must be capable of carrying day pack with lunch and waterproof clothing. Could include difficult zodiac travel/landings and/or travel by off road vehicles over rough terrain.

Explorer Travel

Includes easier half day beach/village and/or guided bush walks. Easier zodiac landings and if applicable comfortable local transport.

Please note it is mandatory to have Medical Insurance including evacuation and repatriation for all of our voyages/expeditions.