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You don’t take a journey through Fiordland, Fiordland takes you on a journey. It is almost akin to a spiritual journey or pilgrimage. You should go prepared to leave the world behind and soak in the beauty and abundance of everything it has to offer.  To let the landscapes, the seascapes and the natural history speak to you, enthral you, encourage you and excite you in a way that only the very very special places on this planet can.  

You will have possibly seen “overnight” cruises advertised on Milford and Doubtful Sounds, they seldom mention that there are in fact fourteen Fiords, all of them very different with their own unique stories, vistas and secrets. Why settle for just two fiords when you can have six or better still thirteen (the fourteenth fiord is protected by a bar and is only accessible by zodiac and then only in the best of weather, so it can’t be guaranteed). 


At Strannik Ocean Voyages we know and respect the fiords in a very special way. We have lived in them, we have worked in them and we have explored them over many many years. Recently we built a very special boat to share them with you.  MV Strannik (Russian word meaning “pilgrim”) is for the discerning and curious traveller. The traveller who is not in a hurry, the traveller that values the peace and quiet of small groups and the opportunity to be alone on occasions. Each of our Fiordland journeys are limited to just 8 persons and a crew of 4 and are only available as either a 9 or 14-day voyage with the occasional “special” expedition for those who seek adventure in these special wild places.     


Our enthusiasm is unmatched, our knowledge vast and our footprint is light, if that is the kind of journey or experience you are looking for we invite you to check out our Fiordland Journeys and if they appeal to you to enquire about availability. 

Extreme Travel

Includes overnight (possibly multi day) hikes with steeper ascents and descents often along unmarked trails. Participants must be familiar with the use of GPS and have appropriate equipment (see relevant Expedition Notes/Equipment Lists for details). Camping out in tents/huts is included and participants will be expected to backpack own personal gear and a share of party food and equipment. Expedition could include difficult zodiac travel/landings and/or travel by off road vehicles over rough terrain.

Adventure Travel

Includes day hikes along marked and unmarked trails with some steeper ascents and descents. Must be capable of carrying day pack with lunch and waterproof clothing. Could include difficult zodiac travel/landings and/or travel by off road vehicles over rough terrain.

Explorer Travel

Includes easier half day beach/village and/or guided bush walks. Easier zodiac landings and if applicable comfortable local transport.

Please note it is mandatory to have Medical Insurance including evacuation and repatriation for all of our voyages/expeditions.