Our Cruises differ from our Expeditions in that they are generally travelling from one location to another usually with a number of  planned stops along the way. Cruises can vary from a few days to several weeks. Our cruises offer unique opportunities to :-

  1. Simply spend time at sea, observing and photographing sea birds and looking out for cetaceans. Please note we won’t always have an expert “birder” or Marine Biologist on board but the crew will help you with identification of the different species from the books and field guides that we have on board. 
  2. Use the cruise to build your sea time and mileage. This is very useful if you are planning to take further boating/sailing courses where time and mileage are a perquisite. 
  3. Gain valuable “hands on” experience. Our crew will share their knowledge and experience with you and invite you to be part of the team. Learn navigation, weather forecasting, trip planning/provisioning and basic engineering  among other things. 
  4. Visit remote Islands,  atolls and Ports along the way. Landings are not guaranteed but remember the crew are just as keen to get ashore as you will be so they will be making every effort to not only get ashore but spend as much time ashore as possible ashore. 


In planning these cruises, we have been realistic with the time that we have allocated but weather and sea conditions will dictate our speed and ultimately our travel times.  Be prepared to be a little flexible.   


The number of berths available on each cruise varies, but you will be allocated Private Facility Cabin.  The fare is a contribution towards fuel, food, landing and administrative fees that we may incur and is based on twin occupancy. If you would like sole use of a cabin, or if there are three of you travelling together and are happy to share a triple berth cabin, please ask us for the cost. 


For what to pack please refer to our  suggested clothing List .. Click Here. And remember we don’t allow hard suitcases on board so please pack your gear in soft duffel bag. We supply a complimentary one on receipt of your booking.  


Please note it is mandatory to have Medical Insurance including evacuation and repatriation for all of our Cruises. 


Please note it is mandatory to have Medical Insurance including evacuation and repatriation for all of our voyages/expeditions.