3 June, 2020

We spent just over a week on the slip .. it was a busy time with numerous small jobs that had to be done (or we wanted done), a lot of it was simply fine tuning, improving or adapting systems that were already there. The anchor fairleads needed modifying slightly to ensure the chain ran smoothly, we simplified the self-furling gear on both the main and mizzen, added a couple extra drain holes on the swim deck, replaced a couple pipes that should have been done in the Philippines, put some guttering above the Pilot house doors to divert the rain water ….. with boats there is always something needing done.  The major job though was to clean the hull and apply a new or fresh coat of antifoul which we did between the frequent showers of rain. 


We came off the slip and Simon headed away for a well-earned break and then Northland got hit with the heavy rain and strong winds over Queens birthday weekend.  I had to shift anchorages … the anchors simply wouldn’t hold in thick river mud. (It would appear there was a hard smooth pan below the mud that the anchor couldn’t/wouldn’t penetrate).  I anchored near Matakohe-Limestone Island in the Harbour and spent a windy night … the wind was gusting up to 58kts and sometimes it felt there was more water in the sky than there was in the ocean as it rained that heavily …. So much for the myth of the “winterless north”. 


I won’t say I am enjoying a lazy time, but I am certainly having a lazy time while I wait for Simon to come back from leave.