19 September, 2018


Communications are almost back too normal here at the shipyard in Zhuhai (Southern China) after the destruction left in the wake of Typhoon Mangkhut. We can report the we are safe and that Strannik survived without a scratch due in a large part to the early warning that we received allowing us to make extensive preparations.  What properly gave us most the protection and saved us from the worse of the wind and sea was a ship that was deliberately sunk/scuttled ahead of us before the typhoon arrived.  This ship, which you can see in the photo acted as a breakwater and also allowed us to secure extra lines. Four extra anchors also helped.  We stayed on board throughout the storm, adjusting lines to compensate for the two metre storm surge that accompanied the typhoon.  Several buildings near the yard were completely demolished and a couple other yachts that were under construction broke their moorings and were washed ashore, fortunately there were was very little damage and they will be re-floated on the next high tide.

Work on commissioning Strannik continues albeit a little behind schedule, probably even a little further behind now because of Typhoon Mangkhut.