29 January, 2019

Decimal Point delays Strannik further.


Unbelievable but true, a typo in the regulations regarding the amount of sail allowed on a Motor Yacht has delayed the issuing of our final certificates resulting in the fact that we are still at ship yard. With Chinese New Year just around the corner we are likely to be here even longer. 


There is a mathematical formula which is used by ship surveyors to determine how much sail a motor yacht can carry before it must comply with sailing yacht stability requirements. Strannik was designed as a sail assisted motor vessel and its stability calculations were all worked around those parameters. However, a typo which shifted the decimal point two places, in the copy of the regulations that surveyors were using meant that we did not comply.  Work stopped and we have hired an independent surveyor who has very politely pointed out the mistake.  We hope that this will be resolved quickly and we can leave here.