12 August, 2018


On the highest tide of the month (it was even higher than forecast because of a typhoon to the east pushing extra water into the river- every few extra centimetres of water helped, but the rain that accompanied the typhoon didn’t help) MV Strannik slowly slipped stern first from the cradle that has held and protected since construction started and into the Pearl River. The launching operation began the day before on the 11th August. The ship yard crew had worked over night to lower the cradle as far and as deep into the river as possible to assist the launching.

The entire ship yard crew were on hand and in time honoured Chinese tradition fireworks were lit to celebrate the event. Rodney, Simon (engineer) and Connor (Chef/Deck hand) were also there to witness and join in the celebration.

Strannik is now tied alongside at the ship yard and over the next few weeks, the masts will be stepped and the final fit will be completed before sea trials and testing. When this has all been completed Strannik Ocean Voyages will take delivery of MV Strannik in Hong Kong and a new era in genuine expedition travel will begin.