1 April, 2017

One of the criticisms I have of the Expedition Industry I that the ships are getting larger and larger and as they get larger they restrict themselves (and their Passengers) to where they can visit, because of their draught. One of the many factors that drove the concept of Strannik was the desire to explore further and to go places other vessels can’t because they are simply too large. When she is complete Strannik will draw approx. 2.450 metres, opening up a whole new world for us to explore. We have also purchased the latest generation of 3D forward looking sonar to help us explore the unexplored. When the road runs out (the water gets too shallow) we will simply launch our tenders. We will carry two tenders, a fully inflatable boat and a 4.8 metre Naiad or RIB (Rigid inflatable boat). These are designed and built in NZ and are known as the “4 wheel drives of the sea”.