17 November, 2020

Life aboard Strannik continues to be an adventure. We are currently in Nelson, tied up in the Marina. I am at School studying for an Australian Skippers ticket. Maritime NZ doesn’t like my British Royal Yacht Squadron Commercial Ticket and if we are going to offer some cruises in New Zealand while we are confined here because of Covid-19, then I need this ticket. Maritime NZ also don’t like our Italian (RINA) certification so we are having to resurvey the vessel. But we aren’t complaining because there is nowhere else I would rather be under the circumstances and we are very conscious that there are people who are a lot worse off than we are. We just count our blessings every day and there isn’t a calculator big enough. No school over the weekend so we went tramping in the Kahurangi National Park yesterday and Nelson Lakes National Parks today. It is simply wonderful to get back into the mountains that I grew up in.