About Us

Strannik Ocean Voyages takes its name from the vessel MV Strannik, which all of our expeditions will be utilising. A Strannik is a wise traveller or pilgrim in search of wisdom and knowledge. Our expeditions will have similar objectives - a rewarding and responsible travel experience.  The company is founded and owned by Rodney Russ who as a biologist, historian, author and adventurer has been involved in expedition travel since the early 1980’s. 


The Expedition travel industry is undergoing significant change, ships are getting larger and larger effectively restricting where they can go, they are carrying increasing number of participants thereby limiting the time spent ashore and consequently the opportunities for the participants whatever they might be, birding, photography, botany, diving/snorkelling or cultural exchange.  The itineraries on offer are also predictable and risk adverse, in short we believe that Expedition Travel as it is evolving can no longer be called Expedition Travel  and is certainly not capable of meeting the expectations of the genuine traveller or the Strannik’s of this world. 


Strannik Ocean Voyages caters for travellers seeking an authentic travel experience with a small group of like-minded travellers.  We don’t (and wont) publish a day by day itinerary (what genuine expedition ever had a day by day itinerary) instead each of our expeditions will have very clear objectives and goals and the participants will help determine just how those objectives are best achieved. In short we provide the vessel, the leadership the resources, permits and permissions and the participants will have the opportunity to contribute to the planning and execution of the expedition.


You will also find in our portfolio of expeditions a number of expeditions in support of science, research and conservation. These are unique opportunities to join a scientific team and make a real contribution to conservation.  Your fare will help cover the cost of the expedition, but more importantly you will become a valued member of the team collecting data, recording observations and doing hands on conservation work.  


We deliberately don’t fill our calendar with expeditions instead leave time for our own expeditions and exploring or private charters. If you and your friends have a dream of travelling to some part of the world and you think we can assist you, we would like to hear from you.  Chartering Strannik for a private expedition/cruise is both achievable and realistic. Alternatively, we accept exclusive group bookings on any of our advertised expeditions.  


To all the Strannik’s, explorers and adventurers of this world, welcome aboard.   We share your curiosity of the world we live in, love of adventure and passion for travel.